Diagnostic Service

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Don't Ignore the Warning Light on Your Dash

Bring in your car for auto diagnostic services in Mount Pleasant, IA

Is your ride a little bumpier than normal? Has your check engine light popped on? Whaley Auto Works is here to help you in Mount Pleasant, IA. With our full auto diagnostic services, we can identify any issues with your vehicle and get to work on repairs right away. We run two diagnostic centers all day long, so walk-ins are always welcome.

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Examining your vehicle with care

Broken power doors and windows are obvious problems, but those aren't all we can solve. If you bring in your vehicle, we'll:

Check any lights on your dash
Listen for odd noises or road rattles
Measure your exhaust and emissions

We also provide a variety of basic tuneup services and can deal with issues causing you to have a rough or bumpy ride. If your check engine light ever comes on, bring your vehicle to our team.