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No one wants to hear that it's time to replace their tires. A new set of tires costs a pretty penny, but there's nothing more precious than your safety when you're on the road. Whaley Auto Works in Mount Pleasant, IA offers the most competitive prices for tires in town. We carry all major brands and necessary components, so we can replace your tires with your preferred brand.

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Anytime your tires need professional attention, rely on us. We're glad to handle:

Tire checks
Tire rotations
Tire balancing

We also sell all major brands of tires. Whether you're ready to replace the full set on your vehicle, or you want a new spare, we've got you covered. Additionally, all of our new tires come with free rotations for their lifetime. Visit our shop today for tire balancing services.

Ensure a smooth and safe driving experience by prioritizing tire care, rotation, and replacement in Mount Pleasant, IA.

Flat tires are a common cause for roadside assistance calls, emphasizing the need for proactive maintenance.

We recommend replacing tires aged 6-10 years, regardless of remaining tread, to enhance safety and performance. Our tire change services involve uninstalling and disposing of your current tires, followed by expert mounting and balancing of new ones.

Wheel alignment is crucial for optimal vehicle performance, with most mechanics suggesting alignment every two or three years.

Signs indicating the need for alignment include:

  • crooked steering wheel when driving straight
  • squealing tires
  • shaking or vibrating steering wheel and unresponsive steering.

Addressing these issues promptly ensures your vehicle's stability and safety.

Tire rotation is equally important!

Follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations or aim for rotation every 5,000 miles, often coinciding with routine oil changes. This practice allows for visual inspections, air pressure checks, rebalancing, and monitoring tread depth. Even tread wear not only enhances traction and handling but also reduces stress on the drivetrain for all-wheel-drive vehicles, extending the life of crucial components. Prioritize these tire maintenance practices to enjoy a safer and more efficient driving experience.